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Machine-made Hollow Glass Magnesium Clean Panel

Panel Type: Machine-made Panel
Panel Thickness: 50mm
Standard Panel Width: 1000mm
Standard Finished Panel Width: 970mm
Standard Efficient Panel Width: 950mm
Core Material: Hollow Glass Magnesium
Steel Plate Thickness: 0.4~0.6mm

The glass magnesium board is made of a ternary system of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, and water, which is configured and added with a modifier. It is a stable magnesium cementitious material, and the medium-alkaline glass fiber mesh is used as a reinforcing material. Glass magnesium has stable performance and is not easy to return to halogen. It is a new type of non-combustible decorative material composed of glass fiber cloth on the surface. The glass magnesium board is the most basic intermediate material, and it can only be used officially after surface decoration.


1. Fire protection

The glass magnesium board has good fire resistance, it is a non-combustible board, the continuous burning time of the flame is zero, it does not burn at 800°C, and has no flame at 1200°C, reaching the highest fire and non-combustible level A1. The partition system made of high-quality keel has a fire resistance limit of more than 3 hours. It can absorb a large amount of heat energy during the burning process and delay the rise of the surrounding environment temperature.

2. Waterproof and moisture-proof

In dry, cold and humid weather, the performance of the glass magnesium board is always stable, and it is not affected by condensation water droplets and humid air. Even if it is soaked in water for several days and then dried naturally, it will not deform or become soft. Moisture absorption and return to halogen will occur. After testing, the board has no water permeability.

3. Lightweight and shock-resistant

The apparent density of the glass magnesium board is 0.8-1.2g/cm3, which reduces the building load, reduces the weight of the inner wall of the building by more than 60%, and increases the usable area by 5-8%. The light weight is conducive to the anti-seismic structure and effectively reduces the cost of the foundation and the main body of the structure.

4. Excellent strength

Although the glass magnesium board is light in weight, it has a compact structure, good stability, no deformation, and has wood-like toughness. It has excellent performance in impact resistance, compression resistance, tensile resistance and fracture resistance.

5. Environmental protection and health

The glass magnesium board does not contain asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and harmful radioactive elements. It is smokeless, non-toxic and odorless in case of fire. The materials produced are natural mineral powder and plant fiber. The production process is naturally maintained, with less energy consumption, no sewage, energy saving and environmental protection. The board surface does not contain powder during use. Its unique natural pore structure can adjust the indoor temperature and make living room and office more comfortable.




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