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     Suzhou Dongri Purification Technology Co.,Ltd. (SZDRTECH) is a  professional manufacturer of cleanroom materials and purification equipment with independent research and development. The main products are clean panel, purification door, clean bench, pass box, air shower, weighing booth, FFU, Cleanroom design and Construction, etc. They are mainly used in the biomedical industry, food and beverage industry, electronics industry, cosmetics industry, aerospace industry, new energy industry, medical equipment industry, hospital clean operating room, clean room and other industries. After years of development, the sales network has spread all over the country, and the products have been exported to Southeast Asian countries, Europe, the United States and other countries. SZDRTECH provides turnkey solution for cleanroom project and other equipments with professional technical team from design to installation. All kinds of products or services are able to be ordered and customized.




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