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Food Industry Clean Engineering

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Bread is the staff of life, as illness comes from mouth. The food safety and hygiene play an important role in our daily life. There are three main aspects should be controlled: firstly, the standard operation of production staff; secondly, the control of external environmental pollution (a relatively clean operating space should be established); third, the source of procurement to eliminate problematic raw materials. Food factory with clean rooms, can effectively reduce the metamorphism of products , extend the shelf life of food, and improve production efficiency. Generally, a food clean room need to reach ISO5 class air purification standards. The hourly air change in the workshop needs to reach 15-19 times, and the air purification time does not exceed 40 minutes after complete air change. A food factory clean room can be roughly divided into three areas: general operation area, quasi-clean area and clean operation area. General operation area is zoned for the storage of raw materials, finished products and tools, which has a low cleanliness requirement; quasi-clean area requires higher cleanliness standard, to achieve ISO5 level. It mainly represents raw materials handling, packaging, general production and processing room which handles finished products but not directly exposed; clean operating area has the highest health requirements. Operators must be disinfected and dressing before entering. It is the processing area for exposed raw materials, finished products and food freezing, as well as storage rooms for food to be packaged, internal packaging area for ready-to-eat food, etc. The cleanliness level is generally ISO 3-4.






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