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Handmade Aluminum Honeycomb Clean Panel

Panel Type: Handmade Panel
Panel Thickness: 50mm
Standard Panel Width: 1000mm
Standard Finished Panel Width: 980mm
Standard Efficient Panel Width: 980mm
Core Material: Rock Wool
Steel Plate Thickness: 0.4~0.6mm

The aluminium honeycomb clean panel adopts the honeycomb structure, using aluminium alloy to form a regular hexagon with the least material to achieve the best function through volume, strength and rigidity. According to scientific researches, the geometric structure of the honeycomb appears generally similar to an arch bridge, which increases its compressive capacity over the surface by 100 times, so it has excellent functions in cushion and vibration insulation, as well as heat and sound insulation. Besides, it is easy to adjust the strength and rigidity of honeycomb core materials. Different level will be achieved by various thickness and weight of paper, or aperture and height of honeycomb. Compared with paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb is far superior in terms of vibration, heat and sound insulation. Besides, the aluminum honeycomb clean panel also shows excellent fireproof, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion properties, which are incomparable to paper honeycomb. Compared with other core materials, aluminum honeycomb has lower density and lighter weight, and it is also an environment- friendly product because it does not generate harmful gases and has zero pollution in waste processing.



1. Excellent functions in cushion and vibration isolation

2. Better heat and sound insulation

3. Adjustable strength and rigidity

4. Fireproof, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion properties

5. Lower density and lighter weight

1. Green product




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