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Handmade Magnesium Oxysulfide Clean Panel

Panel Type: Handmade Panel
Panel Thickness: 50mm
Standard Panel Width: 1000mm
Standard Finished Panel Width: 980mm
Standard Efficient Panel Width: 980mm
Core Material: Magnesium Oxysulfide
Steel Plate Thickness: 0.4~0.6mm

Magnesium sulphate purification board uses magnesium sulphate, magnesium oxide, polyphenylene particles, chemical additives and other production of a high strength fire insulation board. It is also called magnesium sulphate board in Chinese because of its main component, and is commonly known as MgSO4 board in English. It is made of class A non-combustible material (high temperature resistance over 1200°C), and its thermal insulation performance is similar to that of polystyrene board but with better effect.




The density of its products is generally 1600~1800㎏/m³, which is one-third lighter than ordinary cement board, convenient for handling and installation.

3、No corrosion

This board with magnesium sulphate as a blending agent, compared with magnesium glass fire board does not contain chloride ions, no corrosion of steel. Therefore, magnesium sulphate board is more suitable for use in fireproof door core board and exterior wall insulation board field to reduce the risk caused by chloride ion erosion of steel.

4、High strength

Magnesium sulfide oxide board after adding modified compressive strength can reach 60MPa, flexural strength can reach 9MPa.

5、Good air stability

Magnesium sulfide oxygen plate is air hard cementitious material, only in the air can continue to condense and harden, which makes it has good air stability. After curing magnesium sulfide board, the drier the air in the environment in which it is located, the more stable it is. Tests show that in dry air, its compressive and flexural degrees are growing with age. After two years,the panel is still stable.


The fire level of MgSO4 board is A1. Fire resistance time is up to 2 hours, which can effectively prevent the spread of fire.




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