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Machine-made Propor (Fireproof EPS) Clean Panel

Panel Type: Machine-made Panel
Panel Thickness: 50mm
Standard Panel Width: 1000mm
Standard Finished Panel Width: 970mm
Standard Efficient Panel Width: 950mm
Core Material: Propor (Fireproof EPS)
Steel Plate Thickness: 0.4~0.6mm

Propor clean panel is made of inorganic calcium carbonate, polyphenylene particles, curing agent and additives, and two galvanized colour steel plates cover on double sides. The particle fire isolation film technology and copolymer modification make EPS monomer particles have the same characteristics of fire-resistant substances. With micro-phase composite technology to form a fire isolation film on the surface, each particle will form a relatively independent organic particle fire unit. In contact with the flame, it can form a thermal break and a positive connection with the peak of the paste structure, creating a positive barrier to flame propagation and penetration, to prevent the occurrence of combustion.




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