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Clean Bench

Type: horizontal flow/ vertical flow
Material: cold-rolled steel/ anti-bacteria powder coating
Air Velocity: ≥0.3 m/sec(3 levels adjustable)
Air Volume: 800-1000 m3/h
Noise:≤62 dB(A)
Accessories: air blower/ light/ UV light/ pre-filter/ HEPA

A clean bench is a piece of box-type air purification equipment designed to create a micro-environment that is dust-free, clean, aseptic and meet cleanliness standards of class 10(ISO5) or even class 10(ISO4). It can also discharge the contaminated air from working area through special filter channels, preventing the harm to people and environment. In working conditions, the bench can keep the air speed, cleanliness, noise, vibration, lighting and other parameters in working space to meet the requirements of usage. It is widely used in biological laboratories, medical, health, bio-pharmaceuticals and other industries to improve the processing conditions, operator's health protection, product quality and yield.

Clean benches can either be used as stand-alone solutions or be installed inside a clean room. Using a clean bench to create a localized Class 100 or Class 10 clean area is much cheaper than an entire clean room. A clean bench does not require a worker to be gowned, although staffs generally need to wear gloves and arm coverings to protect the research project from contamination.

The working principle of the clean bench is that the air is drawn in by a fan and filtered by a high efficiency filter via a plenum chamber. The filtered clean air will be sent out in a vertical or horizontal airflow, so that the operating area can achieve the cleanliness class by constant clean air control in order to form a sterile and highly clean working environment.


Based on the airflow direction, clean benches can be divided into horizontal flow and vertical flow:

No matter the horizontal or vertical, both of them have their own strengths and weaknesses in the aspect of purification. Shape, structure or inherent property of object, they’ll all have different impacts on this two types of clean benches.

·Horizontal flow clean bench:

Horizontal flow purifies better when the object has a large horizontal surface or a narrow cross section perpendicular to the airflow. In general, horizontal flow is also better suited for applications in which an operator must work directly over the object, because there will have constant laminar flow between the object and hands to maintain its cleanliness. In addition, when instruments such as microscopes need to be placed in the bench for observation, horizontal flow is also the optimal choice, as the vertical airflow will be blocked by the microscope, making it difficult to maintain cleanliness.

·Vertical flow clean bench:

Large objects can block the airflow in the horizontal clean bench, creating turbulence and disturbing the clean airflow, so it is more suitable for vertical flow in this situation. With vertical flow, air enters from the top and flows downward surrounding the object, so as to keep the cleanliness on all sides. Besides, vertical flow can also prevent odors or harmful gases from invading the human body, in order to ensure the health of operators. However, the horizontal clean airflow will directly blow them onto the face and body, and if harmful gases are encountered, it can directly harm the operator.

Besides the airflow direction, clean benches can also be divided into single-person and double-person, or single-side and double-side.



single and double person horizontal flow clean bench

single and double person vertical flow clean bench

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