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Purification Door

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Product Description

The door frame is made of SPCC 1.5mm, the door board is SPCC 1.0mm, the surface is coated, the door body is sandwiched with paper honeycomb, the thickness of the door is 50mm, which is stable, beautiful and easy to clean.

Hardware configuration:

stainless steel split lock, pressing ball lock, automatic dust bar, door closer selection.

Double-layer toughened glass window, conventional right-angle window: 400mm*600mm can be equipped with outer inner circle or arc angle window.



Installation sketch of manual slab door




Technical Parameter

Single door Double door unequal double door
Steel plate thickness (mm) 0.8-1.2
Door thickness (mm) 50
Door size (W * Hmm) 900*2100 1500*2100 1200*2100
Hole size (W * Hmm) 970*2130 1570*2130 1270*2130




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