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Clean Sampling Vehicle

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The clean sampling vehicle is a vertical unidirectional flow air purification equipment that can provide a partial clean environment and is flexible to be used everywhere in rooms, making up for the cleanliness requirements that fixed laminar flow hoods or other air purifiers can not achieve in some certain area. It is an ideal mobile equipment for sampling and delivery in medical, health, biological product, food and electronic industries.

Method of application:

1. Move the clean sampling cart to the target place and fix the vehicle (by brake); turn on the power and fan. 2. Start the fan work, and adjust the voltage to be appropriate (generally 220V). After 15 minutes of clean sampling operation, put the sample in the bucket. 3. After sampling, take the bucket away, turn off the fan and power, and unplug the wire. And move the sampling vehicle back to its place.

Working principle:

The clean sampling vehicle adopts vertical laminar airflow. The variable speed centrifugal fan presses the pre-filtered air from the negative pressure box into the static pressure box and then through the high efficiency filter for secondary filtration. The clean airflow from the air outlet of the high efficiency filter carries away dust and biological particles as it passes through the working area at a uniform cross-sectional air speed, thus creating a dust-free and sterile working environment.


The clean sampling vehicle consists of a stainless steel or sprayed steel plate box. And the body consists of a pre-filter, a supply fan unit, a high efficiency filter, a lighting set, a diffuser plate, a combined electrical appliance, universal castors, etc.


There are three types in general:

A type: made of integral steel or 304 stainless steel, with two-side glass and no plate below

B type: made of integral steel or 304 stainless steel, with two-side glass and a loading plate below

C type: made of integral steel or 304 stainless steel, with three-side board and a air shower below










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