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Weighing Booth

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Weighing booth is also called negative pressure weighing hood, negative pressure weighing room or weighing room. Negative pressure weighing booth is a kind of local purification equipment used in pharmaceutical, microbiology research, electronics factory, food workshop and scientific experiments, providing a vertical unidirectional air flow. Part of the clean air in the weighing booth circulates in the working area and part is discharged to the nearby area, making the working area produce negative pressure. The booth in the equipment for dust, reagent weighing, packaging, can control the dust, reagent spillover, rise, to prevent dust and reagent inhalation harm to the human body. It also can avoid dust and reagent cross pollution, protect the outside environment and indoor personnel safety. Weighing hood levels are from ISO5 to ISO7. But the general standard choice ISO5 is good.

Working principle:

The air in the weighing hood is pressed into the static pressure box by the centrifugal fan through the primary filter and medium filter, and blown out from the air outlet surface of the air diffusion air supply unit after passing through the high efficiency filter. Clean air flows through the working area with uniform cross section wind speed, thus forming a high clean working environment. The operation area of the central weighing hood is maintained at negative pressure and 10% of the circulating air is discharged. The primary filter should be cleaned regularly to keep clean and maintain the normal use of the machine.

Materials and components:

The weighing cover is composed of stainless steel cover body, plenum chamber, air supply box, flow-sharing membrane, PAO (polyaphaolefin) test port, touch screen, differential pressure gauge, wind speed sensor, weighing table, fan unit, lighting, PVC curtain, dust-proof and waterproof socket and other main components.




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